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This is a monster in stone-like flesh. The faniciful made real. If he? stood up straight and tall his height might make six foot plus but his back is curved in a semi-permanent hunch. His face is more muzzle then man with eyes dark sunken into tiny caves. Arms that end in four fingered hands and legs that end in three toed feet. His back is blessed with large wings and his entire body coloring is that of dark cement or light stone with small protrusions and rough spots in odd places. A plump worm-like tail protrudes from his backside, sometimes moving with a mind of it's own in small strange circular patterns.

Public History: 

Obadiah is a new member of the Cam in the area. His strange features and strange ways often make him the clown. Yet he can be intense , dark and brooding when he's focused on the hunt or a serrious matter. Little is known about him. When asked he may speak about living in the wastes for a decade or so. Talk about how the lights of the city finally called more strongly then the darkness of the wilds. Other times he might mention a tower underground and having never seen the stars or moon.