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Dark-skinned and weathered, Lucian is attractive, but not distracting. His outfit, while tailored, doesn't suit him. The man has a complexion befitting someone who spends much of his time outside, entertaining more physical pursuits than one might expect of a gentleman.

The suit is a perfect cut, if a bit antiquated. There is no tie. The only decoration or accessory to be found: a pair of silver skulls for cuff-links.

Public History: 

Among the Camarilla, Lucian is known as an Archon in service to the Justicar. He is a Samedi and possibly the most powerful necromancer in LATMA.

To the rest of the city, Lucian is unknown...

RP Prefs: 

I am generally a background character, mostly serving the Camarilla in an NPC fashion.

Log Prefs: