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Builder / Storyteller of the Blood and Chrome Troupe

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A couple things:

1. Drama! If there's no drama going on, create some :-) If the drama is hovering around 6 or 7, crank that mess up to 11. (Note that in my book, drama =/= combat, see below.)

2. Roleplay over "rollplay"! IMHO dice rolls just slow everything down and put speedbumps in the drama, when that drama should be going 100 MPH straight towards the edge of the cliff. If your character is good at something, just RP accordingly. You're on your honor to not RP being good at things your character doesn't have the dots to back up.

3. I prefer to avoid combat because the drama of battle comes from the possibility of harm, which typically requires dice rolls... which paradoxically kills the drama as everything gets bogged down in skill checks. Chances are, if I'm running a scene and a fight breaks out, I'll just declare results privately to the participants, skip the rolls altogether, and let people RP out the results.

4. A huge part of the World of Darkness (especially Vampire) involves mind-control, which is very thematic to the whole concept of mysterious puppeteers manipulating reality from the shadows of the world. However, as a player, losing free will removes the very thing that makes RPing your character enjoyable -- now someone else is RPing your character, while you're just a passive(ish) observer... yay (not). Mind control of other characters might be allowable in the scenes I run, but assume I'll have Bad Thingsā„¢ happen if you try to force it on other players.

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