Umbral Maps

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Corax run the Umbra as well as, if not better than, anyone. Apart from the Nuwisha, the Corax spend more time in the Umbra than anyone else, and over the millenia the raven-folk have searched out routes, paths and safe back alleys through the Velvet Shadow. More to the point, they've communicated this knowledge and disseminated it, meaning that chances are pretty good that any given wereraven has a chance of knowing at least a few safe routes and safe places in the Umbra. Corax with this background also have a shot at knowing where the local unsafe places are, what lives in them, and possibly, how to lure unfriendly creatures into those places where visitors aren't welcome.


o One or two safe paths and a hidey-hole or two

oo Multiple routes to frequent destinations

ooo Safe zones, routes practically anywhere, and where not to go

oooo Multiple hideouts, encyclopedic knowledge of Umbral pathways, what lives where

ooooo A near-perfect knowledge of the Near Umbra, where to go, and what to avoid