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With this Gift, a Ratkin can encode a message in a bit of gtafitti; only other Tunnel Runners can decipher it. These marks are often found in train yards, outside bus stations, under freeways, and anywhere else that wanderers frequent. Mosi include warnings abouc hazards to be fount) ahead. This Gift is taught by a Wanderlust-spirit, one of Rat's many Gafflings.


Inscribing the Sigii requires one Gnosis and a successful Intelligence + Primal-l Jrgp roll- The player writes down a message up to ten wotds in length; the Storyteller distills this into an image othet wererats will receive if they study the glyph. Any Tunnel Runner can notice and decipher one of these glyphs with a successful Perception + Survival roll; if the wererat isn't specifically looking for it, the difficulty is an 8 (and die Storyteller rolls secretly), but if a Tunnel Runner is specifically looking for Sigils, the difficulty is a 6.