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With this Gift, the Ratkin can figure out a way to set a trap using almost anything at hand. First, he scrounges for something that can inflict damage. He then MacGuyvers it into a deathtrap of amazing ingenuity.


The dice roll is easy; it's the creative part of this roll that takes some work. The Engineer must spend a point of Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Repair. You must explain how the device works; the difficulty depends on the plausibility of your explanation. Many gamers claim to have knowledge of 'kitchen chemistry' and homemade craps, but this Gift depends on your ability to pitch ideas based on what's at hand.

This Gift cannot be used in conjunction with the Scrounge Gift. The difficulty starts at 5, but it can go as high as 10 if it's obvious you're talking out of your ass. For instance, if you can come up with a decent explanation of why a light bulb should explode under certain conditions in a living room, that's a 6. If you're stuck in a bookstore and start blathering about killing someone with paper cuts, an electric fan, and lemon juice, that's pathetic enough to merit a 9 or 10. This can be done during combat in two turns, but the starting difficulty is 8.

When completed, the trap does damage equal to the Ratkin's Wits plus an additional die for every success. The damage is non-aggravated unless you use something that obviously causes aggravated damage (fire, acid or the like). It's a one-shot item - poof! and the deed is done. The victim should either get a Perception + Alertness roll to avoid the trap, or a Dexterity + Dodge roll to dive for cover, whichever is higher.