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Some little rodent beasries are known for their 'impulse control problems.' Homid Ratkin learn to contain these instincts as best they can. With a little spiritual acumen, they can even intensify these feelings in creatures around them. A victim overwhelmed by instinct will follow his basest impulse for a brief moment. (If this is a character, the roleplayer should name the first thing that comes to mind; if it isn't, the Storyteller should immediately improvise something foul). Reactions can be petty or brutal, depending on the victim's initial frame of mind.


Spend one Rage and roll permanent Rage; the difficulty is the victim's Willpower. Alongside this, you've got to do something highly annoying to spark your target's display of anger. At the Storyteller's discretion, using this ability on another player's character might increase the difficulty by 2. The effects last for one turn.