Furtive Gathering

Stat Type: 

In Ratkin infestations, high-rank ing wererats become masters of conspiracies and politics. Through this Gift, a Ratkin calls upon the spirits to surround a secretive meeting of rats and wererats. This must be done in privacy, but once undertaken, no one can communicate with the conspirators... or even know they are there. Oddly enough, this Gift is taught by a Srormcrow-spirit, since Grandfather Thunder sympathies with the Ratkin race's need for revenge.


Spend one Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Occult; the difficulty is the level of the local Gauntlet. The Ratkin are sealed off from all interruptions; anyone who wanders into the area cannot sense any aspect of the furtive gathering. The wererats, one and all, are invisible to all senses.