Blur of the Weeping Eyes

Stat Type: 

Got something in youreye? The Ratkin can infect someone looking at him with a nasty infection affecting his eyesight. All he's got to do is spit on his victim to transmit this nasty disease. This only lasts for one scene, bur the poor fool will visibly suffer. He might weep pus from his eyes, suffer from a vision defect, have his eyeballs well up with blood, or watch as his eyelids are covered in scales. The Plague Lord gets to graphically describe the illness; the game mechanics remain the same.


You must successfully spit at someone to transmit this Gift; this requires a successful Dexterity + Melee roll and one point of Rage. Your victim has the difficulty of all Perception rolls increased by two (and all attack difficulties increased by one) for one scene. This counts as an Epidemic, and can be spread to more than one victim with the Level Five Gift: Epidemic Contagion.