TSA and the TUBE Stations

The TSA - Tube Station Authority - are implied in descriptions and code to have some fairly sweeping capacity to detect and deal with supernaturals in the stations.  The old logging code indicates that they were capable of detecting vampires (Hemavores), kinfolk (for some reason), anything not actually in human form (including bats, rats, and ravens).


  • There is a 'main line' of TUBE stations that are high-speed, high-frequency, and travel between primary areas of the city.  These are the most valuable to the Consortium, as they provide a backbone for their workforce, and can be assumed under the greatest surveillance in even the questionable segments.

Questions to be answered:

  • How much capacity does the TSA actually have for identification of supernaturals?  Can they detect all vampires or only recently fed?  Do they notice vermin?